3 Ingredients For A Successful Puppet Team

For nearly 10 years, I have had the privilege of judging Puppet Teams in events in which teens get involved by competing in various aspects of the ministry.  Each year I am impressed with the quality and caliber of the presentations, but there are usually one or two teams that stand out. In this article I will talk about three things that shine it on the other.

A great team is essential to shine in puppet presentations


Teamwork is one of the first things I look for as a judge. In any good team,  each member has a job to do right and he or she jumps and does it, and when they finish they quickly offer to help someone in need. During the set time, there are usually positive jokes back and forth which show that they love and care about each other. Including a few jokes about jokes, to ask for advice, to offer suggestions in a positive manner, and to share words of encouragement. They meet for prayer before the presentation and during the prayer time an attitude of peace keeping awe.

The teams often have members with different abilities dolls and those who are more qualified help newcomers. If they have a member who has professional quality skills, this person will not dominate or take over the presentation. No one in any good puppet team will draw attention to themselves, but to the puppet team as a whole.

Good teamwork is easily perceived when puppeteers interact with each other and get along. Regardless of skill level, there is a kind of naturalness in conversation between puppets. By this I mean that the conversation seem to be tense or not forced, but flows naturally.

While most viewers will not notice some of these things, they will improve their performance tenfold.


The heart and the attitude towards other team members  can be easily observed. In a solid puppet team you won’t hear anyone complain or whine or make any negative talk. Instead, they make jokes and keep a positive attitude that says, I like to be a part of this team. In addition, the puppeteers respect the team manager even if they are also friends. The director is not micro-managing puppeteers, but allowing them the freedom to fulfill their role in the team.

A second aspect is centered in your hearts to God. Are you excited for the opportunity to do the best you can to please God? Is this as an opportunity to make your Ministry better or just an opportunity to show off? I’ve watched presentations, in which my heart was deeply touched, even when the performers’ skills were rather limited but the heart came through. Some puppet teams connect with the public in a meaningful way that goes far beyond the capabilities of solid puppeteering.

God’s heart appearance is during the presentation. All the puppet teams that shine are not limited to quoting  their scripts by heart, that someone else wrote. They speak from their hearts and as a result have a much greater impact.

Puppet skills

Note that is the third in the list during dolls quality is important. Any solid puppet performance requires great teamwork; Skills alone are not enough. A presentation that is all skills but no heart will never touch people to take action or move. You can use a large puppet team with a true heart for God and the people, but weak puppet skills and you can rest assured that God will use them to achieve great things. Of course this is not an excuse for the team not to work on improving their skills. The following video will show you the five key puppet skills to master for any presentation.

The 5 key puppet skills to master

What things make for a solid puppet performance? The list includes: entering and exiting stage, lip syncing, correct positioning, realistic movements, voice quality and a good eye contact. It is also important for puppeteers to work out! Yes, handling puppets requires a lot of arm strength and stamina. Puppet teams need to maintain the right posture at all times while on the stage. Puppeteers need to keep their arms raised over their heads for long periods of time, so good arms conditioning is very important too.