Happy Birthday eCards

Original Birthday eCards

Original Birthday eCards, you say?

Yes. it’s hard to imagine seeing Original Birthday eCards involving puppets considering that puppets have been around forever. Well, to be more precise, the first puppets were developed in India around 1000 B.C. It is believed that the first puppets were just simple stick figures created with many different materials found on the ground.

Do not be mislead by their simplistic design and appearance. The acting itself was flamboyant and puppet shows were far from humble but actually, they were loud and full of all sorts of fanfare. Many cultures adopted puppets as their favorite form of entertainment and in time ¬†developed their unique versions of puppet performances, which more often than not showcased their unique culture as well. In the same way as stories and fables back then, puppet shows soon became everyone’s favorite way to have a terrific time with friends and family, and this was passed down from generation to generation. For more information on this captivating subject, please visit this link with tons of date and useful links.

And just when I thought there was nothing new under the sun, the other day, almost by accident while browsing google for a birthday ecard for my little niece, I came across and amazing website that offers something I had never seen before. Birthday eCards.

Happy Birthday eCards

Birthday eCards, you say? Those have been around for a long time! That’s yesterday’s news, what’s new about them?

Well, glad you asked. Although it is true that Happy Birthday Cards have been around for a long time,  and also other types of cards and ecards such as love eCards, Funny eCards, Congratulations eCards and even Get well eCards, have you ever seen Puppet Greeting Cards?

Oh, I bet I got your attention now! YES! Personalized Happy Birthday eCards! There’s this cool website called Puppets on Fire that has all sorts of custom made Greeting Cards. The way it works is pretty simple. You just tell them what you want the puppet to say and they will record your message using a puppet. They can use one or more puppets actually, and they can create even a full custom video production.

And if you are too lazy to write your own script, you can choose from the many Pre-Made Puppet Greeting Cards they have. You just give them your name and the recipient’s name and they will personalize a card for you. Here are some of my favorite ones:

Pre-Made Customizable Happy Birthday eCard (The Simple Series)


Pre-Made Customizable Happy Birthday eCard (The Deluxe Series)

And if you are going for the gold and would like a 100% custom birthday ecard, you can get something like this:

Custom Happy Birthday eCard


As you can see, not everything has been invented regarding puppets, and I feel the best is yet to come.