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Tips for A Professional Puppet Show

If you are new to puppetry, here are some basic tips that will make your performances better than ever:


Encourage creativity by making up a character voice that you think will suit the puppet. Feel free to experiment with different ranges of voices, from super serious to extremely childish voices. Nothing is written in stone and if you don’t like your performance, just change it!


Make the puppet bounce slightly up and down to represent each step as they move from one position to the other. These little bouncing movements resemble actual steps and can create more of a sense of excitement on stage.


When performing, as important as talking is NOT talking. Any performer should make use of pauses for dramatic or even for comedic effects. Being able to control the puppet’s body movements is as important the acting itself. Another important consideration is that puppets must exude enthusiasm on stage.


Most beginning puppet performers is to close the puppet’s mouth whenever a syllable is pronounced. However, if we pay closer attention to how human beings talk, you will notice that we do the exact opposite, and that’s why puppets need to open the mouth with every syllable.


Don’t let the gender of the original material keep you from doing a script that you think works well with your puppet cast. If in the original script the main character is a boy but you have an amazing puppet girl that you think could do that role, why not? And if some changes need to be made to the original script, so be it!


Puppets aren’t as flexible as people in displaying emotions. are. As humans, we can cry, roll our eyes, smile, frown, and make subtle facial expressions to convey how we feel. In order to do this with a puppet, or to try to convey similar feelings a good strategy is to stand in front of the mirror with the puppet and try to make it show his emotions through body language.

Some more tips for professional puppet shows


Follow these tips and your puppet performances will be better than ever before!


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