How to hire voice over talents

Hiring A Voice Over Artist

Not only commercial radio and television actors need to read the information off-camera. There are many ways to use your voice to educate, inform, guide, entertain, and, of course, sell. Places where you can use voice over talent include PowerPoint presentations, training videos, e-learning courses, flash presentations, voice mail greetings, call waiting messages and audio ads website.

Therefore, look at the media and if you want to add some spice to your presentations, then find a competent voice over artist. Here are the essential steps you should take to get the right talent for the job.

1. Voice over finding a specialist online

How to hire Voice Over Talent Online!

Are you looking for that perfect voice. Where can you find? If you are a large company or an advertising agency, then it probably will become a talent agency to offer voice over talent for your project. Moreover, large agencies and companies use This site provides a description of the need for all large agencies.

However, if you are a small business you will not be able to pay union dues that are added to the cost of hiring actors and voice talent through an agency. The best alternative is to search online for a free-lance voice over specialist. and voice are the two main portals voice over casting. The good news about these sites is that there are thousands of voices in one place. The bad news is that there are thousands of voices in one place!

The problem is, of course, to find the voice that is best for you.

Voice portals through a filtering tool, so you can find people who have MP3 ISDN or home studios that can make children or more sounds, etc., for the elderly However, because these sites are so high anyone who has wanted to do voiceover, if you have talent, you can mark and block their inbox with their bad auditions.

You can expand the options by searching on Google or Yahoo for “Voice over talent.” This search will deliver high quality voice through the sites of the actors. Usually, the voice on the not very successful artists using voice over portals mentioned above, but to rely on word of mouth and the traffic coming to your free website.

I did the voice over 20 years here in Los Angeles, and I rely on search engines for my clients serious. Therefore, browse websites and email that you want to audition for their work.

2. Once you have found several voices, you have to choose the best.

When companies involved hybrid of art and business, they need a way to discern what they want world.

The fact that a voice is soft or very deep, does not mean that it will be suitable for your project. Who is your market? What sound? That’s a good starting point. Find a voice that sounds like your market.

Once this is done, the next question is, does not that sound like they know what they say when they read your copy? Convincing? They are natural? Following the instructions? If you said the convening of the hearing “should be casual” and his record has to bold and strong, then you may want to avoid.

3. Determine if your home recording quality depends on professional standards. A good voice recorded badly helps no one.

Once you have clarified these things, the right choice will be obvious.

Finally, the last step is to negotiate a price.

Sure, some voice over talent work $ 50. If you find a good voice over talent that will work because then their hearing was luck, not talent. Any voice over talent worth their salt usually work for fees that hangs just below the minimum union. Your savings comes from not having to pay agency fees and waste contributing to pensions and health care. You can find the union lows.

And last but not least, be nice talent. They work alone in dark shops all day!

Choose the Perfect Voiceover Actor for your character

Voiceover Artists for your Puppet Videos

If you are producing a Puppet video, then you might need at least one voice actor, probably more. That means you need to be auditioning voice over actors. Plan this in advance and write one-sentence descriptions of each character’s voice requirements. Each actor needs to be perfect for the part, not just acceptable.

Each voice actor is as different in the same way as each screen actor is different from the rest. After all, if Robert De Niro had been cast for the role of Rocky Balboa, then Rocky would have been a different movie, even if De Niro’s performance had been perfect.

Every actor is different! Choose Your Puppet Voice over Talents wisely!

Before you choose anyone, or even before seeing any actor, you need to know what aspects of the voice are negotiable and which aren’t. It’s important to find the perfect voice over talent for the role and not to try to adapt the character to the actor. The actor needs to bring your character to life. You can’t compromise on this.

Another important aspect is that the voice has to match the age or accent of the character. This is also-non negotiable unless you are willing to change the very heart of your puppet video production. Just as you wouldn’t expect James Bond or Harry Potter to speak with a Texan Accent, you can’t choose a voice for your Puppet Video that does not match the character description. And if you cannot find the exact voice that you need, then you have to make the call in the end, but at least you need to know what you want from the very the beginning, even if you later decide to go a different route because you are unable to find it.

You may even need special skills from a voice actor, like being able to do a child’s voice. It’s usually hard to work with children in demanding productions. Usually women can portray boys without much of a problem, and with the magic of post production sound editing as well. For instance, did you know that Bart Simpson is voiced by a voice actress called Nancy Cartwright?

Just make sure from the start that you are 100% sure of what you need for the character’s voice  such as gender, age, accent or lack of it. Once you made up your mind about this crucial matter, then you are ready to start shopping for the best actor for your Puppet Videos!