5 Quick and Easy Puppet Ideas for Children

Children love to make puppets so we are going to see 5 puppet ideas for children! Puppets enable children to use their imagination in puppet theater pieces and then to use their skills even in the classroom.

Amazing DIY Puppet Ideas

Puppetry is a great way for children to express their feelings in words and perform in front of an audience. Children who have difficulty to express themselves often immerse themselves in the character of a puppet and verbalizing feelings that they might otherwise have difficulty expressing.

Here are five simple ideas to make dolls for children:

Craft of marionetas- stick cut a picture of a person or animal from a magazine, upload a picture of a computer program or Internet or draw your own. Paste it into a wooden stick for instant doll.

Paper Plate Puppet s

Just pull glue or a face on a paper plate. Use markers, paints, crayons or decorate your doll. It’s fun details to her dolls as jewelry yarn hair bands for eyebrows, nose pompoms, pipe cleaners for whiskers of animals and buttons for the eyes used to add. Glue them on the paper plate. After drying, the tape is of a wooden stick color (available at Home Depot and paint and hardware stores) at the back of the plate. on the paper plate craft ideas for children to turn a search on the Internet a lot of ideas, begin to move your imagination.

Two cards with finger puppet Photo – These dolls are fun to do, because the children two holes in the bottom of the doll is cut and with the fingers in order to walk, dance and move. Find a picture of a person or an animal, call your own, or use a template and some glue on cardboard. Then, the paint, varnish or your doll is to decorate with two fingers. Just cut two holes in the hull of the doll and her fingers like legs.

Keywords cardboard dolls people – cover a cardboard tube with white paper and tape around the roller. Add features with crayons, markers or paint. Alternatively, you can take a picture from a magazine cut or old welcome. You can add a skirt baking paper cup to cut and paste it into your wardrobe or rolls design and construction paper hats and glue them to the front of the cardboard roll the bottom of the dish. Search cardboard tube ‘Dolls’ will stick to a lot of free templates, printable result printed in full color, and just around the cardboard tube. To perform your doll, place two fingers on the bottom of the roll, and up and down or tape with a wooden stick in the bottom of the roll and the use as a handle.

Paper Bag Puppet

Lunch-size paper bags are to be used easily transformed into puppet fun. You can draw a mouth on the edge of the folded paper bag and add facial features. Slip your hand into the bag and fold four fingers in the folded flap to fit. If you move your fingers slightly, he makes the mouth of the doll move and appears to be talking. Optionally, you can add arms or wings of cardboard and tape on the side of the bag. Bags come in a variety of colors, and a good choice for making animal puppets, like the green frog, yellow for a duck or pink for a pig doll.

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