5 Quick and Easy Puppet Ideas for Children

Children love to make puppets so we are going to see 5 puppet ideas for children! Puppets enable children to use their imagination in puppet theater pieces and then to use their skills even in the classroom.

Amazing DIY Puppet Ideas

Puppetry is a great way for children to express their feelings in words and perform in front of an audience. Children who have difficulty to express themselves often immerse themselves in the character of a puppet and verbalizing feelings that they might otherwise have difficulty expressing.

Here are five simple ideas to make dolls for children:

Craft of marionetas- stick cut a picture of a person or animal from a magazine, upload a picture of a computer program or Internet or draw your own. Paste it into a wooden stick for instant doll.

Paper Plate Puppet s

Just pull glue or a face on a paper plate. Use markers, paints, crayons or decorate your doll. It’s fun details to her dolls as jewelry yarn hair bands for eyebrows, nose pompoms, pipe cleaners for whiskers of animals and buttons for the eyes used to add. Glue them on the paper plate. After drying, the tape is of a wooden stick color (available at Home Depot and paint and hardware stores) at the back of the plate. on the paper plate craft ideas for children to turn a search on the Internet a lot of ideas, begin to move your imagination.

Two cards with finger puppet Photo – These dolls are fun to do, because the children two holes in the bottom of the doll is cut and with the fingers in order to walk, dance and move. Find a picture of a person or an animal, call your own, or use a template and some glue on cardboard. Then, the paint, varnish or your doll is to decorate with two fingers. Just cut two holes in the hull of the doll and her fingers like legs.

Keywords cardboard dolls people – cover a cardboard tube with white paper and tape around the roller. Add features with crayons, markers or paint. Alternatively, you can take a picture from a magazine cut or old welcome. You can add a skirt baking paper cup to cut and paste it into your wardrobe or rolls design and construction paper hats and glue them to the front of the cardboard roll the bottom of the dish. Search cardboard tube ‘Dolls’ will stick to a lot of free templates, printable result printed in full color, and just around the cardboard tube. To perform your doll, place two fingers on the bottom of the roll, and up and down or tape with a wooden stick in the bottom of the roll and the use as a handle.

Paper Bag Puppet

Lunch-size paper bags are to be used easily transformed into puppet fun. You can draw a mouth on the edge of the folded paper bag and add facial features. Slip your hand into the bag and fold four fingers in the folded flap to fit. If you move your fingers slightly, he makes the mouth of the doll move and appears to be talking. Optionally, you can add arms or wings of cardboard and tape on the side of the bag. Bags come in a variety of colors, and a good choice for making animal puppets, like the green frog, yellow for a duck or pink for a pig doll.

Happy Birthday eCards

Original Birthday eCards

Original Birthday eCards, you say?

Yes. it’s hard to imagine seeing Original Birthday eCards involving puppets considering that puppets have been around forever. Well, to be more precise, the first puppets were developed in India around 1000 B.C. It is believed that the first puppets were just simple stick figures created with many different materials found on the ground.

Do not be mislead by their simplistic design and appearance. The acting itself was flamboyant and puppet shows were far from humble but actually, they were loud and full of all sorts of fanfare. Many cultures adopted puppets as their favorite form of entertainment and in time  developed their unique versions of puppet performances, which more often than not showcased their unique culture as well. In the same way as stories and fables back then, puppet shows soon became everyone’s favorite way to have a terrific time with friends and family, and this was passed down from generation to generation. For more information on this captivating subject, please visit this link with tons of date and useful links.

And just when I thought there was nothing new under the sun, the other day, almost by accident while browsing google for a birthday ecard for my little niece, I came across and amazing website that offers something I had never seen before. Birthday eCards.

Happy Birthday eCards

Birthday eCards, you say? Those have been around for a long time! That’s yesterday’s news, what’s new about them?

Well, glad you asked. Although it is true that Happy Birthday Cards have been around for a long time,  and also other types of cards and ecards such as love eCards, Funny eCards, Congratulations eCards and even Get well eCards, have you ever seen Puppet Greeting Cards?

Oh, I bet I got your attention now! YES! Personalized Happy Birthday eCards! There’s this cool website called Puppets on Fire that has all sorts of custom made Greeting Cards. The way it works is pretty simple. You just tell them what you want the puppet to say and they will record your message using a puppet. They can use one or more puppets actually, and they can create even a full custom video production.

And if you are too lazy to write your own script, you can choose from the many Pre-Made Puppet Greeting Cards they have. You just give them your name and the recipient’s name and they will personalize a card for you. Here are some of my favorite ones:

Pre-Made Customizable Happy Birthday eCard (The Simple Series)


Pre-Made Customizable Happy Birthday eCard (The Deluxe Series)

And if you are going for the gold and would like a 100% custom birthday ecard, you can get something like this:

Custom Happy Birthday eCard


As you can see, not everything has been invented regarding puppets, and I feel the best is yet to come.


The Best Ventriloquist Today

Becoming a Master Ventriloquist

Becoming a Master Ventriloquist is within reach for everyone. But first, let’s begin by defining what Ventriloquism is.


According to Wikipedia:

Ventriloquism, or ventriloquy, is an act of stagecraft in which a person (a ventriloquist) changes his or her voice so that it appears that the voice is coming from elsewhere, usually a puppeteered “dummy”. The act of ventriloquism is ventriloquizing, and the ability to do so is commonly called in English the ability to “throw” one’s voice.


Ventriloquism is the art practiced by a ventriloquist, who is the one who knows how to modify their real voice – so that it seems to come from afar. The term comes from the Latin “ventriculus”, ‘the  belly speaker’ because it was thought that ventriloquists used  the stomach  and the sound originated there.

Actually, the sound comes from the throat, which is the only vocal organ, and  it is not projected in any way to nowhere, but the illusion that comes from elsewhere is created. To create this illusion, the movements of the doll come into play: For instance, its mouth moves pretending to articulate words. Something similar happens with its eyebrows, its gaze at the audience when he addresses them and the ventriloquist when he answers, its distractions when the ventriloquist speaks, its reverie when he speaks for himself. When all is combined, we are lead to believe that that little puppet is actually alive.


The more pitches of voice, forms of expression and personalities the doll shows, the greater the illusion that we are dealing with two different subjects and  that the voice comes from two different places as well. Just as true about television: all sounds come from the same place, the speakers, but the illusion that each person throws his voice from his position is created.
Of course, no one truly believes that the doll speaks or it is even alive. But just like with magic tricks in which we really do not think the magician actually makes anything disappear and reappear, with puppets we are also carried away by the illusion that the doll is alive, and that the illusion is completed by the art of talking without moving the lips.


As Ronn Lucas Puts it:

Ventriloquism (say ven-TRIL-o-kwism) is the art of talking with the tongue and not moving the mouth or face. When a skilled ventriloquist does this sitting beside a figure (or “dummy”) that has a moving mouth, it looks like the figure is talking. It works because humans use their eyes to find sound sources. When the ventriloquist is not moving his mouth but the puppet’s mouth is moving, people think they “see” the figure talking.

Mastering the Art of Ventriloquism


In our next article, we’ll learn how to talk without moving the lips. Stay tuned!


Voiceover Audition

Important Details To Know About Voice Over Work

Here are some Important Details To Know About Voice Over Work


A career doing voice-overs can be very rewarding because you get to use that most versatile of organs, your voice. In effect, it is like being paid just for talking, or more accurately reading out loud for a living. So just how do you begin searching for companies that might be looking to use your velvety tones?


It is best to think of the voice over jobs arena as a multi-faceted market or indeed as many different markets. To begin with you need to make a basic distinction between two broad areas of interest to voice-over artists: broadcasting (for example radio and TV adverts) and the corporate sector, which encompasses such diverse areas as on-hold phone messages (or interactive voice recording as it is known in the business), training videos, podcasts and website audio content.


Myth: Work in the broadcast media is more common than the corporate sector.


Fact: You are probably far more likely to gain work from a company looking for a fresh new voice for its voice messaging service, than a commercial for hairspray on network TV.


So where do you begin the hunt? First, it is important to be as proactive as you can. Try calling a few local companies and explain that you are a voiceover artist living around the corner and can come along and record a new greeting for them. Explain you will give them a more professional sound which will enhance their image and could help increase sales.


If you are a member of a social networking website, use that to let people know what you do; you will be surprised how a friend of a friend could turn out to be a future client. Be careful not to turn on the hard sell, though, as people do not like being sold to on such sites.


You should also upload your demo to as many different voice-over marketing sites as possible. There are plenty of free ones where you can add various show-reels, a photo, and details about your interests and experience. Spreading your voice around the internet increases the chances of you being found and also these sites usually provide you with your own web address, so you can include a link in emails for prospects to access.


One of the best ways to get clients interested is to offer something for nothing. I do not mean always providing your services for free, but enticing companies in with a promotional freebie. If there is a DJ or presenter on a local radio station who you enjoy listening to, make them a liner or sweeper. These are short sentences or phrases that are frequently played between music tracks or out of ad breaks. An example would be “Joe Smith on 102.8 FM; the perfect mid-morning coffee break”. It does not need to be Shakespeare, but the point is you have shown an understanding of the structure of that particular radio’s output and added value to a specific show. You could then say there will be a small charge for future recordings. You will be amazed how that can generate interest.

Then there is the tricky issue of voice-over agents. Should you get one? Yes, if you can, but it is not essential. Many agencies want to know that you are bankable, so try and get as much experience as you can through your own endeavours. Never pay an agent upfront as most work is on a commission only basis. It is advisable to ask someone you trust to double check the wording of any contract you may be required to sign too. Representation is useful, and can pay dividends, but should only be seen as part of your overall strategy.


When you are sending out your CD demo, keep the covering letter crisp and clear. It is essential to headline with your gender and voice description; you may know that you are a husky-voiced female, but the client does not. They need a reason to listen, so always keep your description positive, enticing and accurate.


Above all, the industry favours those who are tenacious, so keep plugging away and never give up.

Great Video on How to Voice Over


Handmade Puppets

Handmade Puppets

Do you want to know some facts About Handmade Puppets? You are in the right place then!

Ragdolls and puppets are among the top 5 handmade items being sold on the internet, according to a survey done. It comes number four in the list following bath products, candles, and kitchen items, while the fifth on the list are baby items.

Handmade dolls and puppets are among the easiest crafts to learn and up to know there is a great chance that these craft works will become profitable. Aside from being simple, it will only take about an hour to complete a rag doll or puppet. More so, you will be spending more or less $3.00 for all the materials.

You might wonder why you should sell your handmade puppet or rag doll when there are big companies whose niche is also those crafts. The answer is simple, amidst the boom of technology; there are a lot of people who support crafts from individuals who put their heart and soul into their handmade products.

So if you are crafty and wants to turn a hobby from pleasure into business, handmade doll business is one thing worth considering. There are many adjustments that come with the change and among them are the decisions you make. Although you still make the same handmade puppet or rag doll, your goals have changed into something more productive.

In the planning stage of the business, you will come to decide which target group to sell your handmade products. Since your forte is on handmade doll and puppet, you might think that your only focus is how you will be selling your items to the children. It might be a surprise, but nowadays, many adults are hooked on collecting dolls that are weird-looking.

Handmade rag doll for adults is hitting it big time on online stores. And another surprising thing is that the uglier the doll looks, the more bidders it has. For many collectors, they do not need pretty dolls, what they want, are those with an eclectic look. Among the handmade puppets and dolls that are in demand by collectors are a stump, primitive Raggedy Ann, Mammy or Black, OOAK or One-of-a-kind dolls.

You need not be a professional rag doll maker or puppet maker to be able to make a business of this growing fad on handmade products. If sewing is not really your passion, you can ask family and friends who are crafty, to make the handmade puppets and rag dolls for your business. There are lots of ways to venture and earn from handmade rag doll business if you persevere to succeed.

An Awesome Handmade Puppet

To date, toy making is still among the top 20 part-time businesses that are a sure way to earn income. Handmade puppets and rag dolls will never fade in the market, as the young and young-at-heart individuals will never cease craving for handmade toys.

Professional Voice Over Tips!

All you need To Know About Voice Over Work

All you need To Know About Voice Over Work is here!

We are all familiar with Voice Over ads or descriptions; but, it may be fair to say that the majority of us do not see them as intrusive or distracting. In fact, some of us are not really aware of them. When you watch TV or listen to the radio we often will hear an advertisement about a product done is a smooth voice. Most of the better voice over ads are in fact presented to give the aura of someone speaking to an individual.


It is an art form that is actually a very lucrative part of the PR world. Estimates of up to $2 Billion a year are invested in Voice Over production. The people who are the “voices” are often referred to as, “Voice Talent”. And talent they are. It is a subtle but skilled form of acting. Next time you hear a voice over ad take a moment to consider what was said and how. A product for a woman’s fashion voice over will likely have a sophisticated and de rigueur feminine touch. The guy selling tickets to the stock car races, less so. In fact, he will likely portray a macho; but, an enthusiastic male who wants to share the fun he derives from such an event.


There are agencies, voice over talent and individual agents pairing people up to projects. Some voice over actors can make into the six figures. There are a couple of large agencies that enroll prospective voice talent for a given fee. They promote their agencies and prospective clients will approach them with a proposal for an ad. The role of the agency is to match talent to clients. One large agency in Canada has over 120,000 talent voice over personnel. Voice talent receives daily audition requests.


There was a time when all voice over work was done in studios. As a result, several cities in North America became the central areas of this industry. New York Los Angeles and Toronto were three such centers. Now, with the growth of affordable and reliable computers the voice industry is moving to individual home studios. Voice talent can join online agencies, get on-line audition applications, produce and deliver the audition by uploading it online… all from home.


Today clients can search and find talent internationally. Agencies with strong reputations can now promote their potential to clients and voice talent on a world wide scale. It is a major but not fully recognized area in which world wide communications are changing how we interact.




Girl with soft puppet on hand

Tips for A Professional Puppet Show

If you are new to puppetry, here are some basic tips that will make your performances better than ever:


Encourage creativity by making up a character voice that you think will suit the puppet. Feel free to experiment with different ranges of voices, from super serious to extremely childish voices. Nothing is written in stone and if you don’t like your performance, just change it!


Make the puppet bounce slightly up and down to represent each step as they move from one position to the other. These little bouncing movements resemble actual steps and can create more of a sense of excitement on stage.


When performing, as important as talking is NOT talking. Any performer should make use of pauses for dramatic or even for comedic effects. Being able to control the puppet’s body movements is as important the acting itself. Another important consideration is that puppets must exude enthusiasm on stage.


Most beginning puppet performers is to close the puppet’s mouth whenever a syllable is pronounced. However, if we pay closer attention to how human beings talk, you will notice that we do the exact opposite, and that’s why puppets need to open the mouth with every syllable.


Don’t let the gender of the original material keep you from doing a script that you think works well with your puppet cast. If in the original script the main character is a boy but you have an amazing puppet girl that you think could do that role, why not? And if some changes need to be made to the original script, so be it!


Puppets aren’t as flexible as people in displaying emotions. are. As humans, we can cry, roll our eyes, smile, frown, and make subtle facial expressions to convey how we feel. In order to do this with a puppet, or to try to convey similar feelings a good strategy is to stand in front of the mirror with the puppet and try to make it show his emotions through body language.

Some more tips for professional puppet shows


Follow these tips and your puppet performances will be better than ever before!


How to hire voice over talents

Hiring A Voice Over Artist

Not only commercial radio and television actors need to read the information off-camera. There are many ways to use your voice to educate, inform, guide, entertain, and, of course, sell. Places where you can use voice over talent include PowerPoint presentations, training videos, e-learning courses, flash presentations, voice mail greetings, call waiting messages and audio ads website.

Therefore, look at the media and if you want to add some spice to your presentations, then find a competent voice over artist. Here are the essential steps you should take to get the right talent for the job.

1. Voice over finding a specialist online

How to hire Voice Over Talent Online!

Are you looking for that perfect voice. Where can you find? If you are a large company or an advertising agency, then it probably will become a talent agency to offer voice over talent for your project. Moreover, large agencies and companies use www.voicebank.net. This site provides a description of the need for all large agencies.

However, if you are a small business you will not be able to pay union dues that are added to the cost of hiring actors and voice talent through an agency. The best alternative is to search online for a free-lance voice over specialist.

InteractiveVoices.com 123.com and voice are the two main portals voice over casting. The good news about these sites is that there are thousands of voices in one place. The bad news is that there are thousands of voices in one place!

The problem is, of course, to find the voice that is best for you.

Voice portals through a filtering tool, so you can find people who have MP3 ISDN or home studios that can make children or more sounds, etc., for the elderly However, because these sites are so high anyone who has wanted to do voiceover, if you have talent, you can mark and block their inbox with their bad auditions.

You can expand the options by searching on Google or Yahoo for “Voice over talent.” This search will deliver high quality voice through the sites of the actors. Usually, the voice on the not very successful artists using voice over portals mentioned above, but to rely on word of mouth and the traffic coming to your free website.

I did the voice over 20 years here in Los Angeles, and I rely on search engines for my clients serious. Therefore, browse websites and email that you want to audition for their work.

2. Once you have found several voices, you have to choose the best.

When companies involved hybrid of art and business, they need a way to discern what they want world.

The fact that a voice is soft or very deep, does not mean that it will be suitable for your project. Who is your market? What sound? That’s a good starting point. Find a voice that sounds like your market.

Once this is done, the next question is, does not that sound like they know what they say when they read your copy? Convincing? They are natural? Following the instructions? If you said the convening of the hearing “should be casual” and his record has to bold and strong, then you may want to avoid.

3. Determine if your home recording quality depends on professional standards. A good voice recorded badly helps no one.

Once you have clarified these things, the right choice will be obvious.

Finally, the last step is to negotiate a price.

Sure, some voice over talent work $ 50. If you find a good voice over talent that will work because then their hearing was luck, not talent. Any voice over talent worth their salt usually work for fees that hangs just below the minimum union. Your savings comes from not having to pay agency fees and waste contributing to pensions and health care. You can find the union www.sag.org lows.

And last but not least, be nice talent. They work alone in dark shops all day!

Choose the Perfect Voiceover Actor for your character

Voiceover Artists for your Puppet Videos

If you are producing a Puppet video, then you might need at least one voice actor, probably more. That means you need to be auditioning voice over actors. Plan this in advance and write one-sentence descriptions of each character’s voice requirements. Each actor needs to be perfect for the part, not just acceptable.

Each voice actor is as different in the same way as each screen actor is different from the rest. After all, if Robert De Niro had been cast for the role of Rocky Balboa, then Rocky would have been a different movie, even if De Niro’s performance had been perfect.

Every actor is different! Choose Your Puppet Voice over Talents wisely!

Before you choose anyone, or even before seeing any actor, you need to know what aspects of the voice are negotiable and which aren’t. It’s important to find the perfect voice over talent for the role and not to try to adapt the character to the actor. The actor needs to bring your character to life. You can’t compromise on this.

Another important aspect is that the voice has to match the age or accent of the character. This is also-non negotiable unless you are willing to change the very heart of your puppet video production. Just as you wouldn’t expect James Bond or Harry Potter to speak with a Texan Accent, you can’t choose a voice for your Puppet Video that does not match the character description. And if you cannot find the exact voice that you need, then you have to make the call in the end, but at least you need to know what you want from the very the beginning, even if you later decide to go a different route because you are unable to find it.

You may even need special skills from a voice actor, like being able to do a child’s voice. It’s usually hard to work with children in demanding productions. Usually women can portray boys without much of a problem, and with the magic of post production sound editing as well. For instance, did you know that Bart Simpson is voiced by a voice actress called Nancy Cartwright?

Just make sure from the start that you are 100% sure of what you need for the character’s voice  such as gender, age, accent or lack of it. Once you made up your mind about this crucial matter, then you are ready to start shopping for the best actor for your Puppet Videos!



3 Ingredients For A Successful Puppet Team

For nearly 10 years, I have had the privilege of judging Puppet Teams in events in which teens get involved by competing in various aspects of the ministry.  Each year I am impressed with the quality and caliber of the presentations, but there are usually one or two teams that stand out. In this article I will talk about three things that shine it on the other.

A great team is essential to shine in puppet presentations


Teamwork is one of the first things I look for as a judge. In any good team,  each member has a job to do right and he or she jumps and does it, and when they finish they quickly offer to help someone in need. During the set time, there are usually positive jokes back and forth which show that they love and care about each other. Including a few jokes about jokes, to ask for advice, to offer suggestions in a positive manner, and to share words of encouragement. They meet for prayer before the presentation and during the prayer time an attitude of peace keeping awe.

The teams often have members with different abilities dolls and those who are more qualified help newcomers. If they have a member who has professional quality skills, this person will not dominate or take over the presentation. No one in any good puppet team will draw attention to themselves, but to the puppet team as a whole.

Good teamwork is easily perceived when puppeteers interact with each other and get along. Regardless of skill level, there is a kind of naturalness in conversation between puppets. By this I mean that the conversation seem to be tense or not forced, but flows naturally.

While most viewers will not notice some of these things, they will improve their performance tenfold.


The heart and the attitude towards other team members  can be easily observed. In a solid puppet team you won’t hear anyone complain or whine or make any negative talk. Instead, they make jokes and keep a positive attitude that says, I like to be a part of this team. In addition, the puppeteers respect the team manager even if they are also friends. The director is not micro-managing puppeteers, but allowing them the freedom to fulfill their role in the team.

A second aspect is centered in your hearts to God. Are you excited for the opportunity to do the best you can to please God? Is this as an opportunity to make your Ministry better or just an opportunity to show off? I’ve watched presentations, in which my heart was deeply touched, even when the performers’ skills were rather limited but the heart came through. Some puppet teams connect with the public in a meaningful way that goes far beyond the capabilities of solid puppeteering.

God’s heart appearance is during the presentation. All the puppet teams that shine are not limited to quoting  their scripts by heart, that someone else wrote. They speak from their hearts and as a result have a much greater impact.

Puppet skills

Note that is the third in the list during dolls quality is important. Any solid puppet performance requires great teamwork; Skills alone are not enough. A presentation that is all skills but no heart will never touch people to take action or move. You can use a large puppet team with a true heart for God and the people, but weak puppet skills and you can rest assured that God will use them to achieve great things. Of course this is not an excuse for the team not to work on improving their skills. The following video will show you the five key puppet skills to master for any presentation.

The 5 key puppet skills to master

What things make for a solid puppet performance? The list includes: entering and exiting stage, lip syncing, correct positioning, realistic movements, voice quality and a good eye contact. It is also important for puppeteers to work out! Yes, handling puppets requires a lot of arm strength and stamina. Puppet teams need to maintain the right posture at all times while on the stage. Puppeteers need to keep their arms raised over their heads for long periods of time, so good arms conditioning is very important too.